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By best estimates, I got my first camera just over fifty years ago, a Kodak Hawkeye Flashfun. Since then I've gone through a small inventory of cameras, many rolls of film, and now an ever growing collection of flash memory.

A photography class during my freshman year of high school led to my own darkroom, but the teacher's departure prior to my sophomore year brought an end to further classes and qualifies as the only instance of the public school system failing me.

Since then I've enjoyed various interests and activities, often with a camera. It's taken me a while to immerse myself in digital photography, but a website is far easier to share photos than prints in an album or lugging around a projector, screen and a box of slides.

My photographic interests are primarily landscapes, but the Chicago area provides a wealth of architectural subjects that can be just as exciting.

'll be taking and adding more photos, as well as scanning and adding photos that have been in those boxes of slides.

Thanks for visiting, and please feel free to visit again.

Keith L. Fanta
December 2012